Custom-tailored software

You have got a business idea, you want to digitalize your business or extend existing it, but none of the existing solutions is fitting for your purpose?

We'll find the optimal solution with and for you! There are many options: Our completely custom-tailered software will satisfy all your requirements.
You've got existing business systems that require extensions and adjustments?

We'll help you plan out the way forward! We're working with integrated and flexible versioning tools and, depending on the requirements, will be using an appropriate deployment strategy to guarantee the operational capability or your systems at any time during development.
Your requirements are completely different and do not fit any of the aforementioned options?

Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll come up with a plan together!

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Our principle

We say: A good software needs to be simple enough to be understood and easy enough to be handled by everyone, while still executing complex processes. At no time must an application overexert the user.

The same goes for the source code of a software: It needs to be completely and reasonably commented & formatted to enable developers to work on it with the highest efficiency and flexibilty.

Our top priorities for all of our applications are therefore high user friendliness, clean source code as awell as meaninfgul comments.

Our solutions

The possible fields of application for the solutions by Hamm Software are as manifold as the business sectors of our happy customers:

Trading and marketplace platforms of any kind, with integrated payment functionalities.
Custom management software of any kind, for example for customer data, inventory, logging, newsletter or digital content management.
Content management systems (CMS) for websites or eDetailers, either through custom systems or popular frameworks.
Custom points of sale (POS) on-site, by tablet, smartphone, touch screen, etc.
Custom smart home control systems to control smart home devices via web, phone, tablet or central touch screen.
Custom smart home hardware and sensors, for example based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar.
Digital music and media sales and distribution via a custom platform.
Interactive eDetailers and their distribution via custom systems & mobile device management tools.
Custom navigation software for traffic of all kinds.

We say: Basically everything is possible. We'll be happy to learn about your project!
Please take a look at our references to get an even more detailed impression of what we can do for you.

Our references Customers' quotes


This is our ever-growing list of technologies, frameworks and tools that we employed for our previous projects:

.NET ActionScript Animate ASP BASIC Bootstrap Box2D C C# C++ Canvas CSS Cubase DirectX Docker Expo Firebase Flash Flex GIT GPS HTML Java JavaFX JavaScript jQuery Kotlin Laravel LESS MariaDB Maven MySQL MSSQL MDM MVVM NodeJS Objective-C OpenGeoDB pgSQL PHP Photoshop Premiere Python QBasic React REST SAML SOAP Sparrow SpringBoot SVN Symcon Symfony Synology Titanium Turbo Pascal Vapor Visual Basic Vue WebSocket Wordpress Xamarin XMPP Zend

Do you require the deployment of a technology that is not yet on our list? No problem!

Our conviction is: At today's rate of technological development, it is absolutely essential to stay up to date:
We'll happily accept the challenge to master a new technology at any time!

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