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What we offer

Our range of operation is widespread. At the same time, we're specialized in the creation of highly customized management systems!

All-in-one solutions out of one hand

Through our ample knowledge of the most modern technologies, we can offer you the ideal all-in-one solutions for your projects.

For example: A completely customized management system interlocked with fitting mobile and tablet applications, points of sales on desktop computers and a central data storage.

Management systems

One of our specialties are management systems with connections to existing routines and interfaces via APIs or manual im- and exports.

Our customers are using our software solutions to comfortably manage data collections of more than 100.000 entries of for example enriched customer data or multimedia content.

The fully integrated graphical analyses of these systems help to keep an excellent overview.

Web development

With more than 21 years of experience in the field of professional web development, we are the ideal partner for your project. We'll create your whole modern web presence from A-Z or support you for the extension of existing systems & plugins and breathe life into them. By using the most modern frameworks and technologies, we can guaruantuee you an impeccable user experience on any kind of common device.

Mobile development

Absolutely vital today: The fitting mobile application for your project.

We'll develop your application for iOS on Applce devices as well as on Android and will provide your users wth an easy & fast access to your systems, with «native» performance.

Desktop & server development

Often times, only a standalone desktop application can satisfy the high requirements of speed and performance.

Our range of services includes the development of desktop software like for example points of sales, parsers, command line tools, as well as graphical applications and mockups for kiosks, fairs and demonstrations.

For realtime-transmissions, e.g. for measurements of any kind, we also develop custom server applications.

We also provide the service to make your existing data available through one or more of the many established API standards.

Multimedia production

In combination with our projects we often create the associated digital multimedia content at the same time.

We produce film recordings like tutorials, music and company image videos, audio recordings, graphics, images and photos of all kind: product photos, digital factory tours, 3D models and many more.

Regional: Your local contact.

International: Flexible field of operation.

Featured project

We're operating the platform Germany-wide. Regi-Online is the simple solution to find and offer local products.

The registration for vendors is uncomplicated and your advertisements are up within only a couple of minutes.

It has never been easier to find and offer local products.

The integrated vicinity search on
Our platform brings together vendors and customers and offers an advertisement marketplace for local and fresh products.

Through comfortable functions like the integrated vicinity search, town filters and categories, you can find your desired offers in no time.

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